Vase Credit Program


  1. Introduction:

Welcome to the Vase Credit Program at Mikells Florist! Our program allows our valued customers to earn credit with us for their undamaged vases. This credit can be used towards future purchases with us at our store or website.

  1. How it works:

To participate in the program, customers can email a picture of their undamaged vases to Once we receive the picture, we will create an account for the customer with the credit they have earned. The customer will be able to check the balance of their credit by logging into their account on our website.

  1. Redemption:

Customers can redeem their credit at any time by mentioning it during checkout when making a purchase in-store or by entering the credit code during online checkout.

  1. Terms and Conditions:
  • The Vase Credit Program is available to all customers of Mikells Florist.
  • Credit can only be earned for undamaged vases that were purchased from our store. Any damage will disqualify the vase from the program.
  • Credit can only be used towards future purchases at Mikells Florist and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The credit earned for returned vase will be valid for six months from the day it is credited.
  • The company reserves the right to make changes to the program at any time.