Frisco Florist Kicks off Spring with Floral Bling

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Frisco Florist Kicks off Spring with Floral Bling

FRISCO, TX (March 23rd, 2022) –   My vision is to bring life into your home, one arrangement at a time.” That’s the message from the Master Designer and Owner of Mikell's Florist, Markeye Bonner, to individuals looking to brighten up their home this spring and beyond.


Touted as ‘Floristry in its Best Form’, Mikell’s Florist offers an array of luxury, fragrant flowers designed to captivate not just the visual and olfactory senses but the heart and soul. The company offers floral arrangements for a variety of occasions from anniversaries and weddings to sympathy flowers for bereavement. But with the darkness of winter and the broken dreams of 2021, Mikell’s Florist is turning its attention to sharing the hope and renewal that spring offers through their beautiful floral arrangements that are ideal for embellishing the home. Bonner said: “There’s a reason flowers was created and we all need a reminder of the joy they bring especially at springtime.”


Shoppers can take their pick of high-quality floral artistry ranging from Hydrangeas and Sunflowers to Blue Delphiniums and Peonies. But that’s not all. The florist also offers houseplant delivery. This collection features a range of attractive houseplants such as Peace lilies, succulents orchid garden, snake plant and Marginata Dracaena. Customers can also put their floral arrangements delivery on repeat by subscribing to the florist’s Monthly Flower subscription, starting from as low as $75.


Far from the average the florist, every floral arrangement or houseplant sold by Mikell’s Florist is original and awe-inspiring. One can immediately sense the skill and passion-reflected in the detail of each piece of floral arrangement. This skill is not my chance. Markeye is a second-generation florist boasting over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Over that time, he has worked with celebrity clients and designers such as Lora Piana and Louis Vuitton.  When asked about his motivation for establishing a floral arrangement business. He said: “This isn’t a hobby for me.  I enjoy creating rememberable moments and sharing my gift for smiles and lifting moods.”


One of Mikell’s Florist customers summed up the overall impact of a floral arrangement she purchased for her home. Jessica H. said: These are the loveliest coffee table floral arrangement!  Thank you very much for putting so much love, creativity along with your impeccable artistry.”


 Mikell’s Florist serves Frisco, The Colony, Prosper, Little Elm, and the Dallas area. All their flowers are sustainably sourced and competitively priced. Options vary from simple and chic to sophisticated floral arrangements.  For further information, visit:





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