Lavish Beauty Potted Orchid - Mikells Florist
Lavish Beauty Potted Orchid - Mikells Florist
$ 150.00

Lavish Beauty Potted Orchid

Featuring all the lavish beauty of a real orchid, the yellow-colored Cylinder Ceramic Potted Orchid offers both elegance and ease as a long-lasting Bloom. The crisp yellow and rich greenery adds a lush look to any home or office. Enjoy the extravagant beauty of an orchid in an office entryway, lofty grand kitchen, intimate dining room, or chic master bathroom.

Product Details: Stemmed Orchid (One Orchid Plant) 2 succulents

Please Note:

Floral arrangements shown on our website are meant to convey the aesthetic and diversity used within the designs. We cannot guarantee exact duplication. If the flower of choice is out of season, similar flowers are used in its place. Please call our shop if you have any questions.


Most Orchids come in as single stems. It is rare in some cases that we receive a double stemmed orchid. We will use a single stem orchid in the case that we only have single stems.