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Home Embellishments

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There are many flowers to choose from when deciding on textures and fragrant picks for your home. 

Greenery: This depends on your style. Because traditional florist used a lot of greenery some consumers are afraid to discuss this in their arrangements. Ask your florist about new options. 

Fillers: These are usually small to medium flowers used to fill spaces or add that extra pop to your design. 

Focal flower: The star of the bouquet. In the example below roses and hydrangeas are my main focus in this arrangement. Since hydrangeas make a big impact it only takes a few to fill an arrangement. Be careful with hydrangeas. They drink a lot of water. The white roses are soft, fragrant and last long with high quality flower food. This design is eclectic. I didn’t have a direction, but I used what I love. Great textures and fragrant flowers for a soft finish. 


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