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Autumn Blooms: Nature's Fall Symphony

Embrace the Rich Hues of Fall with Our Floral Elegance

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Fresh & Fun Florals

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Transform your space into a sanctuary of sophistication.

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Posh Cream & Pastels

In demand, chic and ageless designs.

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Simply White Collection

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"Bring a touch of nature into your home and experience the beauty and benefits of plants."

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Classy & Health Conscious

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Welcome To Mikells Florist

Since our inception in 2010, Mikells Florist has been at the forefront of the floral industry, earning a reputation for innovation and excellence. We take great pride in our commitment to cultivating untapped talent and crafting bespoke designs that evoke an emotive response in our clients.

At the heart of our success lies our Master Florist, Markeye, whose creative prowess and dedication to his craft have touched countless lives over the years. With an unwavering passion for floral design, Markeye consistently produces exquisite arrangements that transform any space into an oasis of natural beauty.


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"Bloom into Spring with our latest floral designs and specials - delivered straight to your inbox!"

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